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Our Schools

Our Unique Approach to Education

Gloucestershire International School

GIS is our flagship International School. The school was founded to provide children with both a deep appreciation of their place in the local and global community and the superlative technological skills necessary to succeed in modern society. We believe that individuals can be ambitious and confident without becoming self-absorbed and we aim to give children the tools, skills and interests that will give them a life-long passion to learn.

Wilderness Centre

The Wilderness Centre is our Outdoor Education Centre located less than thirty minutes from Wotton House. Each week, the whole school will spend a day learning at the Wilderness Centre as part of the standard curriculum. We believe that the skills children and young people learn through properly structured outdoor educational activities are invaluable in building confidence, teamwork, imaginative and collaborative skills. The Wilderness Centre also has a laboratory classroom for fieldwork.

Extended Learning

At GIS, we aim for all students to take part in three activity weeks each year. A community and cultural week in the autumn, a ski and mountain leadership week in winter, and an adventure week in the summer. We believe that young people learn more when we challenge them to stretch themselves beyond their daily environment. Through structured activities that compel them to work with and for others, we see them learn, grow and succeed.